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Aktivita pokračuje v podpoře neformálního vzdělávání prostřednictvím projektů mezinárodních výměn mládeže a profesionálního rozvoje pracovníků s mládeží formou seminářů, školení, studijních návštěv, vytváření partnerství či praktických stáží. Navazuje na předešlý program Mládež v akci (2007–2013).

EYE Liner in Sweden (5. – 14. 2. 2021) | Online, Sweden


In this training course, you will learn all the basics you need to organise and apply for a grant for youth exchanges in Erasmus+ Youth in Action. In this activity we focus on youth-adult pairing: 1 experienced adult leader (over 18 years old) + 1 or 2 youth (13-18 years old).

The residential ‘EYE Opener’ training course has been renamed and reorganised as the online ‘EYE Liner’.


Target group

Max 40 participants (aiming at between 12 and 18 pairing groups). 
1 ADULT LEADER: (over 18 years old) who deals directly with the young people and is committed to engaging in the future development of a youth exchange in partnership with the young persons. Two leaders could attend if mixed (male/female) or where national legislation requires this (after agreement with the sending National Agency). 
1 TO 2 YOUNG PEOPLE: between 13-18 years old
Both youth workers and young people will be expected to communicate in English.



  •  to provide information on current and future Erasmus+ Youth in Action youth exchanges
  •  to provide a group learning experience in the process of setting up a youth exchange project
  •  to develop basic competences (skills, knowledge & attitudes) to organise a youth exchange
  •  to understand non-formal learning and young people’s participation in learning
  •  to explore the role of a group leader in young people’s learning process
  •  to enhance the active participation of young people in planning of youth exchanges


You can find more information and apply on the portal SALTO-YOUTH.

The terms and conditions for the participation of training course you can find here.

The application deadline is 8. 1. 2021.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Lucie Rott Beneschová (

Termín: 14. 2. 2021

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