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Aktivita pokračuje v podpoře neformálního vzdělávání prostřednictvím projektů mezinárodních výměn mládeže a profesionálního rozvoje pracovníků s mládeží formou seminářů, školení, studijních návštěv, vytváření partnerství či praktických stáží. Navazuje na předešlý program Mládež v akci (2007–2013).

Quality Wave - Training for Quality Ambassadors (17. - 21. 5.) | Ostend, Belgie

This 3 day training course empowers youth workers, youth leaders and project managers who are eager to discover and utilise the Quality tools developed by the EPLM platform and share the Quality approach with their peers.

Přihlašování je možné do 9.3.2020 zde.

Non-formal education, especially in learning mobility projects, can create life-changing experiences for young people and leave a great impact on the communities involved. If implemented carefully learning mobility projects can even contribute to youth-led social change in Europe and beyond.

Europe invests a lot in their youth by increasing the opportunities and funding for Programmes such as Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and activities of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. Unfortunately, some of the funded projects are of poor quality and at the same time, the programmes are not being used by many potential beneficiaries because of the existing thresholds and barriers.

Motivated by these insights, The European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM) developed useful tools to support Quality in learning mobility projects: the Quality App ( and the Quality Handbook (

With this training, we want to support youth mobility professionals in using and promoting these tools so that the Quality approach can continue to spread and grow throughout Europe.

Do you want to surf with us on the Quality Wave?

The aim of this training course is to provide support for Quality! Learning mobility projects in times of increased focus on quantity (more budget) and empower Q! Ambassadors throughout Europe to roll out the EPLM Quality Tools in their countries.

We will create space to:

  • Explore and experiment with EPLM Quality Tools: Q! App and Quality handbook
  • Have a critically constructive look at these tools
  • Share experience and stories between experienced Q! ambassadors and new ones
  • Build a vision on “Why Quality learning mobility is important”
  • Prepare international/national/local multiplying activities (training, promotion, support/coaching, E+ or ESC projects,…)

Are you a future Q! Ambassador? This little test might help you to find this out. How many boxes can you tick?

  • You are a youth mobility believer
  • No quantity without Quality is your motto
  • You have experience in excellent, moderate and/or poor quality mobility projects
  • You’re open to share your experiences with your peers
  • You are motivated to lift up the quality of your own projects and support newcomers in doing so

45 participants can attend this training. The target group is two fold:

  • Participants of the Q! Multipliers meeting in Budapest (July 2019) who want to share their experience as a Quality Ambassador on EU and/or national/regional/local level (max 15)
  • Participants who want to become a Q! Ambassador and are eager to share the Quality approach in their country (min 30)

We aim at reaching participants from a diversity of countries, including partner countries (sent by SALTOs). Preferably 2 or 3 participants per country with a diversity of profiles and experiences with youth mobility projects.

Each NA will be free to nominate the participants they consider most appropriate.

NAs engage themselves to support the future Q! Ambassadors in their local/national activities (Possibly funded by TCA/NET). NAs that already have planned to translate the Q! App or to set up national dissemination activities on Quality get priority in sending (future) Q! ambassadors.

Practical info:

This training course will be hosted by JINT, NA Belgium-Flanders in the city of Ostend (by the sea).

Arrivals are expected on the 17th may (preferably before 7 pm) and departures are on 21st may after breakfast.

Your Quality trainers’ team: Snezana Baclija Knoch (also Quality handbook editor), Sérgio Gonçalves (also Q! App administrator) and Sofie Van Zeebroeck (also EPLM member)

Začátek akce: 17. 5. 2020 18:00

Konec akce: 21. 5. 2020 10:00

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